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FreQ Nasty - Secret Venice Beach, LA

Read on for his superb selection...

Dudley Cinema - Dudley and Speedway

Crazy little shop-front counter-culture venue where you can hear a beat poet and the 60's jazz band, a revolutionary cult leader and watch a great lost cinematic classic all in the same night for fuck all... and its 20 yards from the beach!! Last of the true underground indies!!

Mao's - Pacific and Windward

Good cheap food with an Asian bent catering for meat eaters and veggies equally, so one love!! The staff are moody and disinterested, I like the reminder of London! You get the obligatory fortune cookie when you get the bill too...the same one every time. I think they get job lots of misprints for cheap as they mostly make no sense. Brilliant!

The Bike Shop - Windward and Speedway

When you get to Venice you really wanna get a fat fuck off pimped out lowrider and stalk up and down the boardwalk like an Hispanic gangsta scoping his turf....and now you can! $10 an hour or $25 for a day, and you can give the fucker back when you wanna get back in a taxi and head into Hollywood. Gangsta and damn convenient too. Nice! Not to mention the three-wheel rides and even a unicycle for gods sake! Not gangsta at all but very, very funny.

Figtree Cafe - Paloma and the Boardwalk

Nice organic cafe with killer Mexican style eggs with salsa, HuuuGE sandwiches and really friendly staff. They actually know what Earl Grey tea is too!

Candlelight Cafe - Dudley and the Boardwalk

Absolutely crap, but they showed the World Cup footy!

Published: 4/06/2006

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