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Shogun Audio boss DJ Friction has made a huge impact on the drum & bass scene in the last few years. He started out as a young teenager, cutting about Brighton handing out mixes, throwing parties and starting to make a name for himself. It wasn't long before he caught the attention of producers Stakka & K-Tee who were heavily involved with Andy C's Ram Record imprint, and Friction released his debut single 'Critical Mass' under the name Kinnetix (Stakka & Friction).

Before long, heavyweight D&B labels were knocking on Friction's door, and several releases followed on Hardware, Tru Playaz and Hospital, to name but a few. Friction makes energetic, addictive drum and bass - not so much-head nodding as whole-body-rocking.

DJ Friction's talent didn't go unnoticed, and in 2002 he won 'Best World Newcomer' at the Drum and Bass Arena awards, then 'Best Breakthrough' at Knowledge Magazine's 2003 awards. Three years on and Friction is a household name, regarded as one of the scene's major players along with Andy C, Grooverider, Zinc, Hype and DJ Marky.

Friction seems to have perfected the art of creating drum & bass that fuses dark fat basslines with cheeky snippets of vocal or melody - furious, rolling and unstoppable - as demonstrated perfectly in his awesome remix Johnny L's 'Roots' in 2006.

As his production took off, so did his DJing, with gigs all over Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, USA, China, Taiwan and Singapore. In 2004 he set up his own label, Shogun Audio, which has been putting out a string of diverse and forward-thinking drum & bass tracks. Make sure you catch Friction at his Shogun Audio residency, bi-monthly Fridays at The End.

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yes friction i was definetely feelin the shogun mix you did at the last one brought back a couple for me! so saafe big mix man! hopefully one day i might be as good as you hahaa but highly doubted! anyway safe man and again big mix! safe Glen oh yeah if u ever have time check out my beat safe bruv

03:35 22/10/2008

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